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Quick Knits: Character Pencil Toppers

The basic pattern for the pencil toppers is the girl in the orange dress which is a free pattern on the Love Knitting website by Dollytime.  You can find the pattern here:

I didn’t follow the pattern to the letter, but mainly used it for the dimensions.
For instance, I thought the arms looked better braided than twisted. I made the others as I went along.

The pirate’s head scarf and frilly shirt front are knitted, whereas the little red riding hood hood is a piece of felt sewn up.
I made Elsa’s diadem by sewing some silver sequins on her head, and braided her hair in a fishtail.
I used some small rings (normally used to make jewellery) for the glasses of the old lady and pearl beads for the necklace. I used the same rings as the glasses for the pirate’s earrings.

You can buy these toppers from TheFrogInTheCraft Etsy shop.

I will be making more toppers very soon and would love to get suggestions for which characters to make next. So go ahead and comment!! 🙂

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DIY Starry Sparkly Trophies

Well! I haven’t posted in a while,…. so here goes… !

Some time ago I organised a challenge at work for which I needed some trophies but didn’t want to spend loads of money for them… So I decided to “Blue Peter” some of my own creation…

To make them, all you need is:

  • Some card
  • A plastic glass (wine or champagne type is probably the best type for this project)
  • A polystyrene / cardboard or plastic cup (for the bigger trophy only)
  • Felt tips
  • Sequins, glitter glue, glitter and gold paint (or anything else of the sort which you can use for added bling or to decorate the trophies with)
  • Glue Gun

I didn’t want to detail what I did because this is purely to give some ideas as to what can be done…. Just let your creative juices take over!! 🙂

So what I did, includes:

  • dropping some sequins in the hollow part of the glass foot
  • made a lid with card to close off the glass and decorated it with glitter glue and sequins
  • Inserted a small card (on which I wrote what the trophy is for) inside the glass
  • used the polystyrene cup to make the trophy bigger, more like a cup (and I could have cut the cup about a quarter of the way from the bottom and painted it black, to use as a shorter foot to the trophy instead)