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Quick Knits: Character Pencil Toppers

The basic pattern for the pencil toppers is the girl in the orange dress which is a free pattern on the Love Knitting website by Dollytime.  You can find the pattern here:

I didn’t follow the pattern to the letter, but mainly used it for the dimensions.
For instance, I thought the arms looked better braided than twisted. I made the others as I went along.

The pirate’s head scarf and frilly shirt front are knitted, whereas the little red riding hood hood is a piece of felt sewn up.
I made Elsa’s diadem by sewing some silver sequins on her head, and braided her hair in a fishtail.
I used some small rings (normally used to make jewellery) for the glasses of the old lady and pearl beads for the necklace. I used the same rings as the glasses for the pirate’s earrings.

You can buy these toppers from TheFrogInTheCraft Etsy shop.

I will be making more toppers very soon and would love to get suggestions for which characters to make next. So go ahead and comment!! 🙂

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Quick Knits: Egg Cosies

Cet article est uniquement en anglais, mais les instructions pour les chapeaux pour les œufs à la coque sont disponible en français. Contactez-moi! 🙂


I got the pattern and wool for the Eggbert egg cosy with an issue of  Let’s Knit magazine last year and made a start on it but never got round to finishing it…

Rib Egg Cozy

I made a few hat egg cosies to be sold at work to add to the fundraising effort at work for our charity of the month Autism East Midlands. Ideal to use up leftover wool from bigger projects or (in my case) the free wool received with magazines – but never made the projects it was intended for! Although DK (Double Knit) is best, you can use almost any wool – I used aran, chunky, lashes, etc… just to add whatever effect desired.

I used a pompom maker for the pompoms, from the Pompons-Mania Kit by Zakaria Khchai (available from bookstores, Amazon, etc…).

Make your pompom first and then here is the pattern for the basic hat:

K = Knit; P = Purl; Rib 1:1 = [K1,P1] repeat until the end of the row; St St = Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row; K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together; P2tog = Purl 2 stitches together

Cast on 36 stitches leaving a tail about 20cm long. Work the first 5 rows in Rib 1:1. Rows 6 – 21, work all 16 rows in St St starting with a K row. Row 22, [K4, K2tog] to the end (30 st). Row 23, P to theend. Row 24, [Knit 3, K2tog] to the end (24 st). Row 25, P to the end. Row 26, [K1, K2tog] to the end (16 st). Row 27, P2tog to the end (8 st), Row 28, K2tog to the end. Cut the yarn leaving a tail about 10cm long. Thread the tail through the stitches that are left, gather, tighten and fasten. Stitch the hat together from the bottom with the tail from casting on. I use a blanket stitch, but an over stitch is good enough also. Fasten what’s left of the tail to the the end tail. Turn the hat inside out. Pull the pompom tails through the centre top of the hat and turn the hat outside in, wrapping the pompom in it. Fasten the pompom tails as tight as possible to the hat tails. This is to avoid the pompom becoming loose. Cut the yarn to shorten the tails. Turn the hat back to the right way. And… tadahhhh! You’ve just made a nice little egg hat  🙂

I like those little hats because they are dead easy to make even if you have just started knitting. They are great if you want to get creative with pattern and colours. They can be used to dress a simple Easter egg to make a nice little gift. Also with a few minor adjustments, they can be used as dolls or small soft toys hats as well (handy if they are made for a child who doesn’t like egg and soldiers!!). You don’t even have to add a pompom if you don’t want to or if you don’t know how to make a pompom… As per the (slightly blurry) photo below…

Pompomless Egg Cosy - bear

For the flower egg cosy, I made the pompom to look like the flower bud / petals (well you made need to use some imagination to see it…), and knitted the stem and the grass, some sky, a cloud and sun into the hat, by following this pattern (which I made up):


For the “eggy” egg cosy, I used white “lashes” yarn, for the fluffier effect. For the bee, I made the antennas with some pipe cleaners and the wings by knitting a flat circle (with 4 double pointed needles) and sewing it gathered in the middle to the body.


I decorated these last three with crocheted ornaments, and in the case of flowers, a button in the middle. I also put in a single spiral pattern on one of them.


The last egg cosy includes beads knitted into the stocking stitch.