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Pursuing an old idea and creating new opportunities…

Ever since I read the latest post by one of my fellow crafty WordPress blogger (Laura SerendipiDIY), I have had this urge to come back to my blog and update it, revamp it, rethink it slightly and also to share a little something about my latest inspirations and projects – which incidentally aren’t actually that new!

For the last three or four months now i have been looking into pattern designing, and using some of my own drawings, photography and art to put onto various objects and surfaces, from postcards, fabrics, cushions, bag to frames, appliqué and free motion machine embroidery… Etc!

Funnily enough, it would seem that I wasn’t the only one looking into this… Thanks to blogger Laura SerendipiDIY and her post I have learnt that there is such a thing as a surface pattern designer as an actual job. Had i known that when I was still at school and I was asked what would I want to do when I grew up… I would have definitely said “surface pattern designer”!!! I think I might now have grown slightly obsessed with the idea of surface pattern designing as i have started to doodle any chance i get…

In the meantime and until I get a few designs under my belt – well in my portfolio… I will be looking into using my drawings for fun tote bags, purses etc as well as my photographs for postcards and cushions.

Last night, I found some of my old drawings. They were originally for making flash cards to use on a website with fun activities to learn French. Well this is another project I never managed to come to the bottom of! Now the website project is long gone but I still think there’s potential for some of the drawings I made…. The elephant and the sheep are my favourite and I feel like they could be part of a great little story celebrating friendship…. I think I could use this idea in my surface pattern designing…. Now there’s a challenge! I am going to keep on experimenting with my existing artwork and will carry on building up some sort of portfolio with it as well as start producing some items for The Frog in the Craft Etsy shop – like this drawing which I have applied to a tote bag as heat transfer. The original to the drawing is in the pen craft section of this blog. I have updated the post with the “enhancements” I made on Paint 3D, to get to the picture I used on the heat transfer. Bags of Love is a website that offers printing on fabric, heat transfer paper (technique used on the tote bag) and other medium. I will soon give Fashion Formula a try as well. This a website where you can get your patterns and design also printing on fabric as well as being able to sell the patterns. I would have thought that there are other sites like this out there, probably well worth a little more research also.

How about you? Have you got any old projects that you would like to revisit , revamp or re think altogether ? Do you think you would enjoy surface pattern designing? Have you used any other websites services for fabric printing, heat transfer printing or selling your designs? I’d love to hear about it!

Thank you for reading this post. And if you would like to read more of them, then please follow me! You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as Etsy and EBay….


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